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How Did You Come Up With the Name Pink Rose Home Service?

At Pink Rose Home Service we take great pride in delivering the best service and exceeding our customers’ expectations every day. Whether you need something fixed, replaced or upgraded, no matter how small or large, the dedicated members of the Pink Rose Home Service family are here to take care of you; delivering the right solution for you the first time – every time – and ensuring you’re always 100% satisfied. If for any reason you want to speak with us, please don’t hesitate to call or email and thank you again for choosing Pink Rose Home Service.

My Story

I’m often asked, “Hey Joe, what’s with the name 'Pink Rose Home Service? How did you come up with that? Are you a franchise? Are you female owned? Are you a bunch of sissies?” No, no, and nope!

In 1999, I formed Skyline Builders, LLC because I lived on Skyline Drive in Oswego, NY and purchased a franchise for Rochester called Archadeck. We specialized in decks, porches, and sunrooms. After my franchise expired I continued building as Skyline Builders, LLC. But then in 2009 the banking industry collapsed!! And my business suffered greatly, so I started accepting small repair tasks to survive and keep my head above water. We simply did business as “Skyline Builders: Design & Build” for the big stuff, and “Skyline Builders: Handyman Services” for the small stuff. Pretty simple - logical but boring … right?
But soon into the “handyman business” I came to realize how important and absolutely HUGE “small” home repairs were to people living in Rochester. And no one was doing it right!

So I wanted and needed a much better name - one that really, really, stuck out from the rest; something a little over the top and totally counter intuitive to the industry. Then one day it hit me, how about Rose Handyman? A rose seemed perfect so I had some logos made. Then I did ABSOLUTLY nothing; I just sat on it. I didn’t have the nerve to pull the trigger, I chickened out!

In 2011, I hired a nationally renowned business consultant and in blunt, unflattering words he told me it was a “great” idea and to get off my keister and just pull the trigger! Just do it! But I needed to add one more element, COLOR! You see people can visualize, in their minds eye, a colored rose! It’s Branding!

And he turned my great idea into an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT one!

I choose “pink” because I thought it was a bold move. Who in their right mind would choose the name PINK ROSE for a construction company? It’s crazy, even shocking! Yes, it’s really over the top. And it’s the best thing I ever did and it has absolutely changed my life!

Finally, in 2015 I upgraded our name from Pink Rose Handyman to Pink Rose Home Service because we are much more than a handyman company. And the word “Handyman” implies unskilled labor. And, we are much more than that. We have plumbers, electricians, and highly skilled craftsmen on staff and can pretty much do anything, as well as build some pretty stunning design and build projects.

So that’s my story, thanks for reading.

Joe Berardi

Joe Berardi
Pink Rose Home Service

A Pink Rose Man Can Do… Everything!
PS: Pink Rose Home Service is a ‘Doing Business As’ (DBA) name for Skyline Builders, LLC. We only advertise as Pink Rose Home Service. There are other Skyline named companies around and if you ever see something advertised with the Skyline name -- it’s definitely ‘NOT’ us.

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