A Pink Rose Man Can Do…… Everything!

A Pink Rose Man Can Do…
… Everything!

Skilled Handyman

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Mixed Trades

One of our strongest assets is in performing many skilled trades at once. So instead of calling a separate painter, drywall person, tile man, plumber, electrician, and a carpenter you can just call Pink Rose Home Service and one of our expert service technicians can do it all! Some examples are:

Your roof leaked due to ice damming over the winter causing the drywall to peal on your textured ceiling, and the hardwood floor is warped due to standing water. We can come out, repair the roof, re-texture and paint the ceiling and fix the floor. . Yep One Pink Rose Man!!

Your bathtub drain started leaking and it resulted in damage to the tile floor in the bathroom, the ceiling below, and on top of it all the tub drain piping has no access to it. We can build an access panel to the plumbing, fix the plumbing, re-grout the floor tiles, apply kilns to the stained ceiling, and paint the entire ceiling. Yep One Pink Rose Man!!

You just purchased a microwave hood and need it installed. But the cabinet above the stove needs to be removed and a smaller one installed, and a dedicated power line need to be run and an outlet installed in the new cabinet so the microwave can plug into it. Yep One Pink Rose Man!!

You have a general honey-do list of items around the house. You want a couple light fixtures replaced, a ceiling fan assembled and installed in the vaulted ceiling of the sun room, a new facet and disposal installed in the kitchen, two closet doors installed, a powder room painted, and a tile backsplash installed. And by the way, you’d like an estimate on finishing the basement. Yep, we can do all that. Yep One Pink Rose Man!!

You purchased a new gas stove only to realize there isn’t a gas line going to your old electric stove and the kitchen cabinets and countertop need to me adjusted because the stove is slightly larger than the opening. We can do that. Yep One Pink Rose Man!!

Yep One Pink Rose Man!!

Home Repairs

Listed below are the some of the thousands of home repairs we perform every day for people just like you.

In Your Bathroom:

  • Replace caulk and grout
  • Tile installation and repair
  • Bath flooring installation and repair
  • Install shower doors
  • Hang towel racks, mirrors and accessories
  • We can completely remodel your bathroom from top to bottom!!!


For Your Deck:

  • Repair loose decking boards
  • Fix stairs and railings
  • Deck leveling
  • Clean and stain
  • Install vinyl railings


Interior and Exterior Doors:

  • Fix weather stripping
  • Adjust stuck doors
  • Replace hardware
  • Install dead bolts
  • Install storm doors
  • Install sliding or french doors
  • Install locks
  • Change locks
  • Align doors
  • Install replacement doors



  • Repair and replace flooring
  • Install ceramic, tile, marble, slate, wood and linoleum
  • Caulk, grout and cut flooring
  • Repair tile floors
  • Install tile in bath, kitchen and foyer


For Your Kitchen:

  • New cabinets
  • Repair cabinets
  • Install countertops
  • Cabinet doors
  • New flooring
  • Complete kitchen remodels!!!


On Your Front or Rear Porch:

  • Repair loose porch boards
  • Fix stairs and railings
  • Porch leveling
  • Clean and stain
  • Install vinyl railings



  • Replace missing shingles
  • Locate/repair leaks
  • Replace flashing
  • Repair/replace skylights



  • Replace Rotted Soffits and Fascia
  • Aluminum Wrap Fascias
  • Clean and paint/stain
  • Cover soffits with vinyl
  • Replace cracked or missing vinyl siding
  • Path Stucco
  • Point Brick/Block Joints
  • Replace and paint/stain rotted shingles



  • We can replace all the windows in your house, or just one window
  • Repair screens
  • Install storm windows
  • Wash windows
  • Fix stuck windows
  • Install shutters
  • Install and repair skylights
  • Replace fogged glass
  • Replace window hardware
  • Repair or replace leaking skylights

And much more!!!

Everyday Household Items

Listed below are the some of the general handyman services we provide:

  • General carpentry
  • Minor electrical
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Bath and kitchen restoration/repair
  • Drywall repair
  • Honey do lists
  • Everyday items, fixes and cleanups
  • Furniture assembly
  • Hang pictures and mirrors
  • Replace high lights
  • Install awnings
  • Install and take down holiday lights
  • Install safes
  • Build dog runs
  • Child proofing
  • Clean skylights and high windows
  • Install and repair garage door openers
  • Fix garage door rollers and hinges
  • Garage general organization
  • Install blinds and curtain rods
  • Roofing & Siding Repairs

And much more!!!


 Listed below are some items we can assemble:

  • Swings
  • Play Sets
  • Outdoor Grills

If it says “assembly required”, we can do it!

We Always Give a 10% Discount to Seniors and Vets*
* Not to be combined with Bouquet Club Membership Discount.