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A Pink Rose Man Can Do…… Everything!

A Pink Rose Man Can Do…
… Everything!

How did you come up with Pink Rose?

I’m often asked, “Hey Joe, what’s with the name 'Pink Rose? How did you come up with it? Are you a franchise? Are you targeting women? Or are you a bunch of sissies?” No, no, and nope!

Back in 1999, I started out on my own and formed Skyline Builders, LLC because I lived on Skyline Drive in Oswego, NY (oh so original, right?). I purchased a franchise for Rochester specializing in decks, porches, and sunrooms. Things were going fairly smoothly until 2009 when the banking industry collapsed!!  Many contractors went out of business and my business dropped 50%. The phone just stopped ringing! So that winter I looked into providing smaller jobs. Part of my investigation included getting quotes for work on my house from local companies and requesting information from national franchises on their business models. One day I had all sorts of notes, papers, job estimates, and literature spread out on my dining room table from all these businesses and got totally confused with who did what. Names Like: Mr. Handyman, Handyman Matters, Handyman Connection, Our Town handyman, Village Handyman, Best Handyman, Quality Handyman, (Insert My Last Name) Handyman, (Insert Town) Handyman …. How would I stick out in this gobbledygook?

I got really frustrated, put it all away and forgot about the whole thing. Then one day something struck me after seeing my street lined with lilac colored totes on garbage collection day. In less than a year a new waste disposal company, by that name, won over my whole neighborhood! Wow! That’s powerful. Hmm, how about a flower for my company’s name? It seemed perfectly opposite in a male driven macho industry (hmm, not unlike the garbage industry?). So, I had a logo made for the name ‘Rose Handymen’ (Daisy & Pansy just wouldn’t cut it). Then I did ABSOLUTLY nothing; I just sat on it. I thought it was stupid and chickened out! I simply tested different business concepts as “Skyline Handyman” (left brained anyone?). But, that year I realized how important and absolutely HUGE these small jobs were to people living in Rochester. And, no one was doing it right!!

Later, in 2011, I shared my logo with a nationally renowned radio ad man. (How I came to meet him and his unique brand of radio marketing is a whole other story). In blunt, unflattering words he told me it was a “great” idea; get off my keister and just pull the trigger! But he advised me to redo the logo and add one more element to the name – a COLOR! To him radio ads are actually visual – listeners will actually see, in their minds eye, a good radio ad story and saying ‘Call Pink Rose’ will be visualized while saying ‘Call Rose Handyman’ won’t!

Pure Branding Genius! 

And he turned my good idea into an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT one!

I chose Pink* – for no special reason except shock value – I mean, who in their right mind would choose the name PINK ROSE for a construction company!!! It took months to finally do it. I’d wake up in cold sweats – tossing and turning. Will this really work?  I’m going to lose everything and be a laughing-stock. Luckily for me I did it. I closed my eyes and on blind faith took the plunge. As it turned out, it was one of the smartest moves I ever made and has absolutely changed my life!

* While any rose color would have worked for the purpose of branding, it turns out that while a red rose symbolizes romance the meaning of a bold colored pink rose is about giving thanks, showing gratitude and being a trusted and reliable friend.That's why we give our customers a live long stem pink rose at the completion of every job or project we do for them.☺

So that’s my story, thanks for reading.

Joe Berardi

Joe Berardi
Pink Rose Home Service®

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